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KND 5 from Kia Takes a Bow at the Seoul Motor Show

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Kia takes the wraps off the next elegant, almost luxury class sedan during the Seouil Motor Show. The concept that may be in production version soon is called KND-5 or better known by insiders as the VG.

The KND-5 at first glance looks like a version of the HyundaiAzera and has similarities with the BMW 7-series. The KND-5 will be on sale in South Korea latter part of 2009 and will be rolling down the US dealerships after.

The KND-5 completes the fleet of Kia as the near luxury sedan with its siblings,like the Lotze or Amanti, classified as midsized sedans.

The VG strikes a nice stance with its very elegant lines from front to end. It will blast the road with its LED headlamps like the other luxury sedan competitors in the market today.

The grille of the concept car remains true to its symbolism of the tigers roar for continued countenance. The designers also installed twenty inch wheels to further refine the look of the new member of the Kia line up.