VW Might Build the 2013 Golf at Tennessee, USA

There is a whole lot of rumor going around in the automotive industry with the speculation that the 2013 Volkswagen Golf hatchback might go into production in the new VW Chattanooga plant in Tenessee, USA. According to an inside scoop, the carmaker is still mulling over the decision whether this new-generation VW Golf hatchback will be in production in U.S. along with the Passat, a model that was designed for Middle East, Mexico, South Korea, and Canada.

The inside scoop also indicates that the Chattanooga-VW Golf decision is part of the German carmaker’s plan to trade almost 800,000 models to U.S. by year 2018. The current VW Golf hatchback carries a hefty tag price of almost $17,965. Moving the production to U.S. might just be a rational move after all as critics speculate that its sale would be does well in U.S. soil.

The all new Volkswagen Golf hatchback is planned to launch by early 2013 with MQB (Modularer Querbaukasten or Modular Transverse Matrix ) Architecture similar to the revamped Audi A3 model. This new technology allows the carmaker to employ a wide range of front-wheel, front-engine models. In line with this, the rumors also speculate that the A3 and Q5 models would be produced in the same Tennessee plant.

As far as press releases are concerned, the carmaker says that it’s not impossible that the entire VW compact line, which includes the Scirocco, Jetta, Tiguan, and Golf models, might be built in the same plant where the Passat is.

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