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Entire Hyundai Fleet at 50mpg by 2025

Friday, October 1st, 2010

John Krafcik, the CEO of Hyundai Motor America, made a bold promise that by 2025, the car company’s entire line up will get the average of 50mpg.

During the Management Briefing Serminars, Krafcik mentioned that Hyundai’s market share in the US increased by 50% since 2008 when they became fuel economy’s market leader.  Moreover, Hyundai’s CEO said the getting their entire fleet to achieve 50mpg is a “huge leap.”  Still, he strongly believes that it can be done through determination and thorough research and development.  The American car company will employ powertrains improvements and the addition of light weight materials.  Krafcik said the 80% of its entire line up will still carry the traditional gasoline engines while the remaining 20% will carry the electric, hybrid, and other alternative innovations for fuel engines.

Since the car company does not build pick-up trucks or other heavy vehicles, it would be easier for them to commit their pledge in achieving the average of 50mpg.  Krafcik confirmed that the car company has no plans for developing car pick-ups.

Krafcik used the customized 2011 Sonata to stress the point and to give us an insight on what to expect from this car company henceforth.   The model was customized earlier this year.  Hyundai abstained from using the standard V6 engines when they found out that only 10% of the people who purchase middle-sized sedans want a V6 engine under the hood.  Ergo, Hyundai opted for a 4-cyclinder engine and it achieved an average of 35mpg on highway driving.