Porsche + VW = Love

Well folks, it is officially official. The cat and mouse chase between Porsche and Volkswagen may finally be reaching its peak. Recently at a meeting containing Volkswagen’s advisory board, the members approved an agreement which, ultimately, will allow for Porsche’s assimilation.

At present, Porsche SE has a little more than half of the common shares of Volkswagen, and it has the option for an extra twenty percent. These may be sold to the Emirate of Qatar. After that is completed — the amount of the transaction is unknown — it is expected that Volkswagen will buy shares — 42 percent — of Porsche AG.

Volkswagen will also be buying shares in Porsche Holding Salzburg, which is a trading company belonging to the Piech and Porsche families.

Then, by the end of 2011, it is believed Porsche and Volkswagen will finally merge and become a single company.

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