The Coda: It’s Coming To The US!

Although all of us in the US are scared of what is going to happen to the automotive industry, for those of us that are concerned with the environment, you can rest assured that China is taking care of us.  The Coda is the newest, greatest and latest car to be imported from China to the US and it is a five passenger sedan that is completely electric!  This car runs on Chinese batteries and while that will most likely change when it comes to the US, the Coda is definitely the first step in getting fully electric cars.

This car can run on its batteries 90 to 120 miles per charge and it will start selling in California next year and then throughout the country later in the year.  It will run roughly forty-five thousand, but to be honest, if you do not have to buy gas, that really is a good idea.

So what do you think?  About us importing another car that is and a completely electric car?  Let me know!

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