New Ford Fiesta, First Photos

Ford Car Talk, my favorite Ford blog out there, has just updated with these great photos of the upcoming 2010 Ford Fiesta, which will also be available in the United States!

More pics and an excellent article on Ford Car Talk.

“The Fiesta is similar to the Ford Focus in size and will be marketed as a sedan and a hatchback.

The marketing program will be maximizing the long term drive test but will also invite a number of people for a one-time test drive of the Ford Fiesta.

The American car manufacturer foresees the demand for the new vehicle at around 30000 to 70000 units on a yearly basis. This is still a rough figure without taking into account the jump or dive in the future price of gasoline.

The test units will have a 1.6L power plant that produces 120 horsepower in its engine bay.”

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