Kia Borrego FCEV Boasts to Be an Efficient Road Trekker

Korean automaker, Kia, revealed its latest fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) system at the Los Angeles Auto Show held last November 2008. Earlier FCEVs were constructed into Sportage sport ute, which is relatively smaller compared to the larger Borrego, which Kia chose to use for its latest technology.

Remarkable advantages and improvements as compared to the previous system were noted. These include the added 47 hp—boosting fuel-cell performance to 154 hp—and a new 450-volt super capacitor, adding another 134 hp. The super capacitor increases the system’s driving range and allows the model to jumpstart in subzero temperatures, making it a green car that can be used all year round.

The new Borrego FCEV has a maximum speed of 100 mph. The Korean automaker boasts of a top of the line system efficiency of 62 percent, which is equivalent to a collective EPA rating of 54 mpg. Borrego can be equipped with two or three hydrogen tanks with a top range of approximately 426 miles.

Kia ensures that that even for its size, the new Borrego FCEV models remain lightweight by using aluminum die casted body components. It weighs in at 4,960 pounds and has 0-60 mph time of 12.8 seconds.

Combustion-engine counterparts of the Borrego are currently available in Kia retailers. However, Kia is planning to manufacture only a limited number of the FCEV variants. Most of these fuel-cell SUVs will be used as commercial transportations first for real-world testing by the public.

The Kia Borrego proves to be the being smaller does not necessarily mean performing less.

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